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Becoming a model teacher:

Using multiliteracies and 21st century skills and tools in your own professonal development


Unit 3 

Continuing professional development through engaging in networks of other learners / teachers and communities of practice



Why is it vital for teachers to learn from one another online


Pursuing professional development through MOOCs and online communities of practice (CoPs) offers many advantages.

  • It's free
  • You work at your own pace on subjects that interest you
  • You widen your perspectives beyond those predominant in your local context
  • You become friends with compatible colleagues (YES you can do that online!)
  • Other teachers model for you how to bring online environments to life
  • The paradigms that previously guided your teaching beliefs start shifting 
  • Your practice changes: You make changes to how you teach according to how you were taught LEARNED
    People LOVE to learn! They just hate to be taught :-)
  • You then learn from those models how to model the more productive practices you experienced in online environments for your own students


EVO, Electronic Village Online


For 5 weeks in January and February, a growing community of teachers meets, as they have done EVERY YEAR SINCE 2001 to teach one another about various aspects of language learning. This gathering is called EVO, Electronic Village Online.


Find EVO at http://evosessions.org 


You can see from the Call for Participation that registration for EVO sessions this year started on Jan 5, 2020

The bad news is that registration ended on Jan 11. But the good news is IT DIDN"T REALLY END, not for most sessions.


EVO sessions run from Jan 11 through Feb 16. Most sessions will still welcome you if you want to join them


Here are the EVO SESSIONS for 2020. Click on a link to reach its proposal.

From the proposal you can see  how to join the session.


  1. 2020 EVO Minecraft MOOC
  2. CEFR VS Assessment
  3. Classroom-based research for Professional Development
  4. English for the Workplace
  5. Escape the Classroom! 
  6. Flipped_Learning_in_language_teaching 
  7. Getting Online as a Teacherpreneur
  8. Grammar for TESOL 
  9. ICT4ELT20
  10. Immersive Language Teaching and Learning
  11. M4TEVO20
  12. Mentoring teacher-research
  13. TECHNO CLIL 2020
  14. TEFL2YL EVO20
  15. Tools for Student Collaboration


You can decide on which EVO session according to the platform you want to learn more. Here is a breakdown.




Time to be creative


Accept ONE of you Mission Challenger Activities here



Select and explore one of these online environments and report your findings


Participants can work individually OR TEAM UP!

Form pairs OR form groups to explore the EVO session or MOOC of your choice.


Give your team a name


  1. One person in the group (or both or all if you wish) enrolls in the EVO session or MOOC)
  2. Participants create a document or artifact that creates their impression of what they find there.
    This can be
    1. a document you created for an earlier Thai2020 workshop
    2. a post to an online environment 
    3. an image or video that can be linked  to online where everyone can see it
  3. Participants TAG what they have placed online with the workshop tag -  tag  #jan28crru 


The suggested tagging site is Twitter

but there can be others if anyone can search that site by its tags (e.g. Flickr)

See http://workshops2020.pbworks.com/w/page/137978502/Model_Teacher_Unit_2#MakeataggedposttoyourTwitterfeed



Submit your creation


When you have

  • Created your report or online record of this phase of the workshop
  • and we can find your report in a tag search on  tag  #jan28crru  :-) THEN ... 


Take a short break

In Unit 4 we'll continue with what you started here by going to

the Sandbox: Bringing it all together through reflection and aggregation

Go on, have a look




These materials were created by Vance Stevenshttps://learning2gether.net 

for presentation at  ELSpecialist workshops and ThaiTESOL in Thailand in January, 2020

You are free to share-alike and with attribution under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/

The date of this update is January 27, 2020








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