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Becoming a model teacher:

Using multiliteracies and 21st century skills and tools in your own professonal development


Unit 4

Sandbox: Bringing it all together through reflection and aggregation



What you need to bring to Unit 4 of this workshop


For this you need to either create or bring to the workshop with you one or more of the following

  • A Google Doc shared with vancestev @gmail.com (remove the space before @)
  • An Etherpad document
  • A PBworks portal workspace
  • A blog or wiki post dedicated to the content of this workshop
  • Any other online resource that you have created on the topic of this workshop


MORE time to be creative


Improve and beautify your creation


  • Use any of the resoources you have leaned about here to improve the look or substance of your creation
    • Express what you think or feel about this workshop. Answer at least one, or more, of these questions
      • What did you learn of particular value to you?
      • What did you learn that surprised you?
      • How were the objectives of the workshop met? 
      • How do you think you might use what we did today with your own students 
    • Illustrate your post with at least one media artifact (an image or video)


Submit your creation


When you have

  • Created and beautified the online document mentioned above
  • and tagged it with the tag for this workshop:  #jan28crru 


That's all we have time for

Unless you'll be at my writing workshop, which starts with Helping your students improve their vocabulary skills through the use of corpus-based and gamified tools for vocabulary acquisition


I hope you enjoyed these workshops




These materials were created by Vance Stevenshttps://learning2gether.net 

for presentation at  ELSpecialist workshops and ThaiTESOL in Thailand in January, 2020

You are free to share-alike and with attribution under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/

The date of this update is January 27, 2020







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