Becoming a model teacher:

Using multiliteracies and 21st century skills and tools in your own professonal development


Unit 4

Sandbox: Bringing it all together through reflection and aggregation



What you need to bring to Unit 4 of this workshop


For this you need to either create or bring to the workshop with you one or more of the following


MORE time to be creative


Improve and beautify your creation



Submit your creation


When you have


That's all we have time for

Unless you'll be at my writing workshop, which starts with Helping your students improve their vocabulary skills through the use of corpus-based and gamified tools for vocabulary acquisition


I hope you enjoyed these workshops




These materials were created by Vance Stevens 

for presentation at  ELSpecialist workshops and ThaiTESOL in Thailand in January, 2020

You are free to share-alike and with attribution under

The date of this update is January 27, 2020