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This is the informational landing page for a free online eLearning course on

Learning How to Create and Use a Blended Learning Classroom


You can reach this page through it's TinyURL: https://tinyurl.com/blended2020


Click on the links below for more information on


This is an online follow up to the two weeks of workshops at various universities in Thailand

sponsored by the US Dept. of State English Language Specialist Program and RELO Bangkok,

archived at: http://workshops2020.pbworks.com/



This just in from the RELO Bangkok Team


Vance Stevens, English Language Specialist, will be hosting the 3-week sessions online workshop “Learning How to Create and Use a Blended Learning Classroom” starting at 7.00 pm (Bangkok Time) on February 20, 2020.

For more details on how to participate and register, please visit https://bit.ly/2w5OxIS.

Please help spread the word to his previous workshop participants and those who might be interest in this online workshop.


There is more information about this course here



What is this course about?


Vance Stevens, English Language Specialist, and RELO Bangkok, invite you to join in a FREE 3-week online seminar on Learning How to Create and Use a Blended Learning Classroom, The course takes place in Schoology and officially opened on Thu Feb 20, 2020, 19:00 in Bangkok (12 noon UTC). Enrollment had been open from Feb 17 onwards. The course runs through March 11.


Several more synchronous webinars and office hours will be scheduled, at times negotiable with participants, but attendance at the webinars is optional. What is more important is asynchronous participation in the Schoology discussions. But there are no certificates offered for the course, and participants are welcome to drop in and participate in whatever capacity they feel will benefit them at any time over the next three weeks.


The idea for the course is to practice community-as-curriculum along MOOC precepts and take advantage of this opportunity to work in consulation with an EL Specialist who developed the course following two decades experience in cultivating blended and online learning in f2f classrooms and in distributed communities of practice -- and perhaps more importantly, to network with and learn from peers.


Throughout the course, the specialist will model methods for creating blending learning environments which, if they resonate with you, you can apply in your own teaching context.


If you are interested in participating, please visit this page 


and follow the instructions there for enrolling in the Schoology course and participating in the first webinar, if you are able to do so. 


Please feel free to distribute this announcement to anyone you feel would be interested


Announcements have been made on these Facebook Groups



And on three TESOL Community lists:



How to join this course


Enroll in the Schoology Course


Quick instructions

Interested participants should



Once you are enrolled, you can configure your alerts here



You can choose to have announcements and updates sent to you (to keep you informed of course developments)

and / or to be informed of responses to discussions, etc. 

All of these are recommended, but it's up to you how closely you want to monitor this course for these three weeks.



Step-by-step instructions


You would not be the first to find it difficult to figure out how to navigate the quick, simple instructions.

If this is you, the step-by-step instructions should help


  1. After creating an account at Schoology, click on Courses --> My Courses


  2. At the next screen click on Join a Course,

  3. Enter the access code PPZF-676N-BGXQW


  4. You should be rewarded with this SUCCESS screen,




When will the course be ready?


The course is ready now

  1. There is a discussion you can respond to now (see the graphic below)
  2. Week 1 materials are ready for you to start on. Vance will alter and add to them based on feedback from participants
  3. Weeks 2 and 3 materials and assignments are outlined in their respective folders.
    Again, I am waiting to see who appears, and what they want to do, before fleshing out those outlines.



What happens in the three weeks of the course?


This course started with the first Webinar on February 20, 2020 and runs for 3 weeks.


Find out more about the each week by clicking on the links below


  • Week 1 Feb 20-26 - Identify and learn the tools needed to create a virtual poster or artifact online
    The tools are listed and linked to where they were described in the workshops in Thailand here: 
  • Week 2 Feb 27-March 4 - Familiarize yourself with the tools needed to create a digital story
  • Week 3 March 5 - 11 - Apply your tools to creating a blended learning activity online


Webinars and Office Hours


The course meets continually for three weeks asynchronously in Schoology and syncrhonously every other day in Webinars and office hours.

  • Webinars happen once a week. Their purpose is to clarify the curriculum for the coming week and get feedback from participants.
  • Office hours happen twice each week between webinars. Their purpose is for the EL Specialist to be available at set times for anyone to come along for help with any course-related issues.. 
    • Webinars and Office hours will normally be recorded. When there are no participants at the office hours, the specialist can record tutorials on how to accomplish the course objectives
    • Office hours can be scheduled on demand at times convenient to any participant if that time is convenient for the instructor. 


Upcoming webinars and archives


Information on upcoming events and archived recordings of previous events has been moved here


Click on that link for more information


Here is a visualization of anticipated webinars and consultations; exact timings to be negotiated as the course progresses



Meetings dates and times have been indefinite until now because it was not clear who would join the course. The course was intended to follow on workshops given in Thailand, so it was assumed participants would be from there, and we decided to go with an 'early evening' time in Thailand (noon UTC). But on the day before the webinar 30 participants enrolled for the course, and we didn't know where they were from, so we asked them in a discussion forum but only a few answered. However this allowed me to make the visualization at the link above where I could see that we had participants from South America all the way east to Taipei. Therefore a 1400 UTC timing seemed appropriate to all the participants in Ecuador to join us, and the ones in Asia who were at the first webinar agreed to the later time. So we decided to try 1400 UTC for the first week, and if we see that other times zones are more favorable to participants who are actually turning up, we might change accordingly for weeks 2 and 3.


The same goes for the syllabus for weeks 2 and 3. I have to see who is joining us before I can make firm decisions on content once we are past week 1.


What to review


The course will follow roughly on the materials covered in the workshops offered by EL Specialist Vance Stevens from Jan 20-Jan 29 in Thailand.

You can review these materials here: FrontPage


However, it is anticipated that the workshops might attract participants who attended these workshop as well as some who did not.

Therefore the workshop will be patterned on the needs and aspirations of those who attend it.


No prior knowledge is assumed. The EL Specialist can work with anyone who wishes to pursue the course ourline as follows:


For questions and more information


If you have questions you can contact the Regional English Language Office, RELO Bangkok


Or address them directly to 

English Language Specialist Vance Stevens, vancestev@gmail.com


You can also leave us a note on our Yo! Teach backchannel chat

The password is blended




These materials were created by Vance Stevenshttps://learning2gether.net 

for delivery online as part of the RELO Bangkok English Language Specialist program n February and March, 2020

You are free to share-alike and with attribution under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/

The date of this update is March 20, 2021



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